About Us

We offer a wide range of repair services on items including amplifiers, effects pedals, and other musical electronics. We specialize in maintenance, repair, and restoration of vintage tube amplifiers, but we love to work with all kinds of instruments and gear.

Quite often repairs are very straightforward, a lot of what we see is mechanical failure (cheap input jacks, thin brittle wires, poor assembly at the factory). We can often diagnose and repair these types of problems much more quickly and cheaply than you might expect.

For the not-so-simple repairs, we have all the necessary tools, modern and vintage, to help us diagnose and repair your gear correctly. In addition, we stock a wide variety of replacement parts, also modern and vintage, to help reduce turnaround times.


amplifier repair, retubing, and restoration

Hammond organ repair, retubing, and restoration

effect pedal and pedal board repair and modification

Rhodes repair and restoration

guitar electronics repair and modification

electronic keyboard repair

We also offer recording studio services and live sound production.

Interesting Jobs

Antique Turntable

A friend of one of my oldest customers brought in this old record player from the late 50’s or early 60’s to see if I could do anything with it. I rebuilt the mechanical drive ok but finding a needle cartridge was a real chore. The matching item didn’t exist anymore, so after extensive online …

Restoring Marshall JCM 900

I got ahold of a rusty and beat up old Marshall JCM900 as a project piece. I disassembled the entire thing to remove the rust and clean up the chassis. Then I rewired it, put it back together, and replaced a couple of busted jacks and an indicator light.  Decided not to redo the tolex but I …

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